Why stock market went up today?

Stocks closed strongly higher on Friday, and the Dow Jones industrial average rose nearly 750 points to the top of the major indices. .

Why stock market went up today?

Stocks closed strongly higher on Friday, and the Dow Jones industrial average rose nearly 750 points to the top of the major indices. . The market uptick has intensified in the face of turnaround expectations. Snowflake is among the 5 high-growth stocks near buying points.

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Stocks are ignoring the longest streak of falling bond prices in nearly four decades, as well as a harsh warning from Snap about advertising spending, to end strongly higher on Friday. Verizon shares to hit 52-week lows on Friday after disappointing gains. But for the bulls, a long low-risk setup may be close. While customers have returned and the impact of COVID has diminished, the discount airline is still expecting some turbulence in the future.

At a time when prices are rising, Wendy's continues to make value a fundamental part of its offering to customers. They call Las Vegas a playground for adults, and Sin City's latest addition relies on that nickname. Snap shares fall to 52-week lows after disappointing gains. Here's how to manage disastrous technical issues now.

A warning about ad spending and a grim short-term picture as Snap and other social media stocks trade sharply lower on Friday. Watch the latest live market analysis at the opening of Wall Street, where Snap falls with its gains and reports of a possible security overhaul cause Twitter shares to fall. Stock futures fall as bond sales intensify; Snap plummets after ad spending warning, bleak outlook; Twitter plummets on report that Musk's takeover could be subject to the U.S. Review; Verizon surges higher ahead of third-quarter earnings after AT%26T surpassed and U.S.

airlines fell lower as restrictions. As an investor, the best answer is to stay the course and continue investing, regardless of what the market does. Today's stock market helps you answer those questions before the market opens, during each trading session, and after the close of each stock market day. With regular updates throughout each trading session, the Stock Market Today column alerts you to any changes in the market trend.

The stock market has been quite hectic lately, and it remains to be seen if any progress will be made this week on Wall Street. It's a quick and easy way to keep abreast of market trends as they occur and to observe movements in both large and small capitalizations that are affecting your own portfolio. Find out how you can make more money with IBD's investment tools, best-performing stock lists and educational content. This is because, as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, investors want to see a weaker labor market — with higher unemployment — as proof that inflation is finally starting to fall.

The stock market had a winning week, as investors weighed the possibility of the Federal Reserve slowing down due to sharp interest rate hikes. As the end of the year approaches, experts recommend staying the course and the average cost in dollars to achieve your long-term investment goals, regardless of what the market does. Whatever happens, experts expect a volatile end to the year, and no one knows where the market is headed. Social media stocks, including Meta (Facebook's parent company), Alphabet (Google's parent company) and Snap, warned that advertising revenues are lower than expected.

The stock market is generally positive for midterm election years, although October can be notoriously volatile. .

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